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The TOA/USPLN Web Services Portal provides services offering access to historical lightning data from TOA and United States Precision Lightning Network (USPLN). The following Help topics are provided to assist you when interracting with the portal.

NOTE: this site is optimized for modern desktop browsers, such as Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer 10+. If you are using an earlier version of IE, we recommend you upgrade to ensure full functionality of the Web Portal features.

Register for an Account

Select the "Register" menu on the top right hand corner of the browser.

Register Menu Button

Complete the form that appears. Items with an asterisk (*) are required. Click the green "Register" button to create the account, or the orange "Cancel" button to cancel the process.

Portal Registration Panel

Once you have submitted your registration information, you will be sent an email confirmation to the email address supplied during the registration process. Click the link contained within the email to confirm that the email address is correct and belongs to you.

The Web Portal Home Page will appear with the following message confirming your registration.

Registration Success Message

Sign In/Forgot Password

Select the "Sign In" menu on the top right hand corner of the browser. Enter your Username and Password created during the registration process, and click the blue "Submit" button.

Sign In Panel

If you have forgotten your password, click the blue "Forgot Password" button. Enter your registered Username at the prompt.

Forgot Password Panel

An email will be sent to the registered email with a link to reset your password. This email will com from and be entitled TOA Web Portal Password Reset. Click the reset link in the email.

Enter a new password, and re-enter to confirm. Click the green "Change" button to reset the password, or the orange "Cancel" button to cancel the process. Continue with the "Sign In" process above.

Reset Password Panel

Once signed in, you will be returned to the Web Portal Home Page.

For More Information

Feel free to contact the USPLN at the TOA Contact Website or call +1 321-674-2200 to discuss volume LIAS pricing or obtain other information about our lightning data services.